Monday, January 4, 2010


Thank you for visiting my blog! However you found out about me, I'm so glad that you did!

What you've stepped into (not to be confused with what you've stepped in...that often leads to a search for a rock or curb and some serious shoe scraping) is a field of creativity. My first creative love is paper crafting via hand-made cards and scrapbooking. I suspect this will always be the case. However, I also love other creative endeavors such as altered items, home decor, the occasional fabric project (I say that because I couldn't sew if my life depended on it - these projects merely involve fabric), and who knows what else might pop up. I also include cooking and baking in my field of creativity, because let's face it - it often involves patience, sometimes involves imagination, and almost always involves me sharing it with others. One other thing (for now - I'm sure this list will expand) that I'll include is stories (and photos) of farm living. I'll come back to that later.

This is me. (I'm getting my hair done in preparation for my wedding, but it's the only picture of just me that I have. I'm a group-picture taker.) Speaking of weddings, I just got married in October to the most wonderful man in the world (in my opinion), Mike. Hence, the wedding. I'm sure the wedding will come up often as I'm still an excited newlywed, so I'll spare you the mush for the time being.

Do you want to know more about me? If yes, then keep reading. If not, skip to the next paragraph. I grew up in Iowa, in a city called Council Bluffs, which I suppose is a suburb of Omaha, Nebraska (though I'm still not sure if suburbia can actually cross state lines). I went to college at Iowa State University and majored in Political Science, and eventually graduated from Bellevue University in Human Resources. What is that supposed to tell you about me? Well, I love to argue. I can get along with most anyone. I'm not opposed to paperwork and bureaucracy. Sounds creative, right? Wrong. I'm a Gemini; I'm full of contradictions. I met Mike almost 2 years ago, and since then, we have dated, gotten engaged, gotten an adorable pug named Molly, purchased our farm, and gotten married. It's been a whirlwind of fun times. Molly will make appearances in the blog as well, because she's adorable and I'm a proud mama!

Growing up near a city (yes, Omaha is a city, even if it's not huge), my exposure to farm life was pretty much limited to my friends in 4-H. I saw some cows and horses and pigs every year at the county fair, and that was pretty much it. Oh, and my dad collected tractors. Okay, that's really it. I'm the kind of girl who doesn't get dirty, doesn't like to get dirty, and doesn't want to get dirty. I can sum up my life on the farm (so far) in two words: It's. Dirty. So, that's why living on the farm is part of my fields of creativity - I'm challenged to step outside my comfort zone, try new things, face new challenges, and find a way to make peace that I'm not part of the hustle and bustle of city living anymore. (Don't get me wrong, I love our farm and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.) And, quite frankly, it's probably very hilarious to see the things I come up with or the new experiences I have living where we live.

On to the creative stuff. Here's what I'm working on for the time being:
  • Launching my Etsy store. You can find it here. There's nothing in there at the moment, but I promise there will be shortly. I'll throw this link up on the sidebar of the blogg-o for future reference.
  • Project 365. Google it. I'll put up a photo album somewhere of my daily photos, so you can see my day to day life, if you so choose. I think that's the direction I want to go with my project - day to day Vogt living.
  • Setting up a crafty display in a local antique/hand-made merchandise boutique. It's called Mill Creek Mercantile. No website, or I'd send you a linky (it's an awesome locally owned store in the Florence neighborhood of Omaha).

Please keep checking back. I hope to update the blog reguarly (hopefully daily) with crafty information, projects, and photos.


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