Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some Truths About Me

Random musings for the day:

...I don't need to know how many calories are in my dr. pepper and cupcake to know that I love them.

...though stereotypical, I happen to enjoy the color pink. In all of its forms. On everything.

...my puppy has been known to lick my face. I care more about her kisses than her germs.

...when I say that I'm in love with cupcakes, I do not mean the dry vanilla ones they sell pre-packaged at Wal-Mart. These, in my opinion, are poorly frosted muffins :)

...I have been observed, on several occasions, giving my hips a good shake in my car, while listening to Dirrty, by Christina Augilara.

...it is perfectly okay that I laid on the couch and did nothing all day Sunday. I think watching an NCIS marathon is extremely productive and good for the soul.

...I watch the Bachelor. I even DVR it when I'm not home. I need reality show rehab.

...most of the time, the first thing I do when I come home is change into sweat pants and a tshirt. Even if I know I'm going to have to change into regular clothes in an hour, there's nothing better than sweat pants.

...we picked the day that we got married based on a football schedule. I see nothing wrong with choosing a wedding date this way.

...I often only check my voice mails on my cell phone to make that little icon disappear.

Is that me, in a nutshell? I hope not. But, it is part of my reality. It's good to keep things real. :)

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